Terms and conditions

1. In General:

Below terms are valid for all quotations, deliveries and orders, unless another signed agreement has been made.

Special terms on buyers orders will not be accepted in case they are in contradiction with our terms and conditions, unless we have accepted and signed these terms and conditions.

2. Prices:

All prices are given in DKK EX WORKS, packaging, VAT, excise, toll, tax or any expedition fees.

If a sale has been agreed in foreign currency, we hold the right to any changes in currency, should the market shift in currency value during the trading period.

Quotations given are no-obligation and with no tentatively of subject unsold.

We reserve the right to change pricelists, quotations and catalogue material.

3. Orders:

Any purchase is final when we have confirmed the order, by either to forward an order confirmation or an invoice.

We reserve the right to change and given order confirmation if currency has changed or changes in vendor/supplier prices as well as changes happens in import permissions. This This also applies for deliveries or a certain part of the delivery that may be subject to any changes prior to delivery.

Given measurements and technical specifications in the quotation is of indicative Character and K.J. Elektro A/S can not be held responsible for this material information.

4. Delivery terms:

Deliveries and shipments happens from our address in Nykøbing Falster.

Any shipments will be sent on costumers bill and risk.

If the costumer do not give clear shipment instructions, we decide the form of transportation regardless of price and delivery time.

5. Delivery time:

K.J. Elektro A/S can not be held responsible for any delays or obstructions e.g. force majeure , strikes or any other incident that is out of our hands.

The given delivery times are subject of estimation and will be withhold as long as it is possible for us to do so, but we can not be held responsible for any delays and as such, it do not give the costumer the right to cancel the purchase or demand agreed penalty.

6. Terms of payment:

Our terms of payment are net and in cash when invoice is received if no other agreement has been agreed upon in writing, or if invoice states a certain amount of days of credit. Costumer is obligated to efficient pay their invoice and are not justified to withhold any payment or part of payment unless this has been agreed with K.J. Elektro A/S in writing. Any counterclaims is not accepted from the invoice, unless this is agreed in writing as well.

In case payment terms are not met, we reserve the right to add 7% interest rate over the Danish national bank interest rate Pro Anno from the day the payment terms are exceeded. Furthermore we will charge a reminders fee in case we need to send a dunning letter. Another reminder fee will be released if we need to hand over to debt collection If the costumer do not uphold the payment terms of ours, we are not committed to further deliveries stated in original invoice.

Costumer is not entitled to deduct in the stated invoice amount, unless K.J. Elektro A/S has given a written approval.

Ownership of any delivered parts, prior to payment has ben fully carried out, will remain the property of K.J .Elektro A/S.

7. Right of complaint:

Costumer must, right after receival of and deliveries, make sure that the shipment is not insufficient and is containing the exact amount, type and quality as stated in invoice. Any complaints regarding any of above mentioned, must be given to K.J. Elektro A/S within 8 days after receival.

K.J. Elektro A/S can not be held responsible for any technical guidance or given procedures etc.

8. Returned goods:

Any goods can be returned only with prior agreement with K.J. Elektro A/S in writing. Any products are not allowed to have been repaired or any damage done to the packaging. Any returned goods must have been prior agreed to return before this can take place.

Goods can only be returned and credited with prior agreement in writing by K.J. Elektro A/S.

Special orders can not be returned and credited.

9. Product liability:

K.J. Elektro A/S can not be held responsible for products or service delivered by K.J. Elektro A/S, unless it can be documented that the damage was caused directly by or due to direct neglect by staff or employee of K.J. Elektro A/S. K.J. Elektro A/S can never be held responsible for any subsequent damage to other products or to any consequential or operational loss that is a direct cause of personal damage or damage to property. Should K. J. Elektro A/S be held liable in connection with the use that the buyer makes of our products, including resale, the buyer is obliged to hold K.J. Elektro A/S indemnifies for the liability that may be imposed on the company, to the extent that the liability goes beyond the agreed limits. For repair work and replacement parts, the above provisions also apply to delivery time and liability.

10.Dispatch fee/Handling charge:

All orders under a value of 500,- DKK with VAT included, will be subject to a handling fee of additional 100,- DKK

11. Special conditions:

To the extent that the above conditions are not comprehensive, reference is made to Nordic standard conditions NLM94, in which case disputes are settled in accordance with the general rules of Danish law at the court in Nykøbing Falster.