We have a huge stock of motors

We have norm motors type Grundfos and VEM in stock in quite a large number and shapes as we deliver to Electricians, motor companies, maritime costumers and various industries.

Our storage facilities cover from 0,09 KW (0,165 HP) to 90 KW (125HK) in all speeds with B# (Foot) mounted.

We have flanges for all our common used motors in B5, B14 and big B14 size.

We repair and rewind all types of motors in all kind of voltages and speed (poles). Repair is done in the rewinding department.

With our 24/7 service, we can provide emergency delivers and repairs as we also offer delivery service.

Please call +45 5485 8999 inside normal business hours or +45 9388 8999 outside normal business hours.