Control panels

Quality controlled control panels

At K.J. Elektro A/S we mount and update/refurbish control panels in which we also produce in our workshop. The obvious advantage that production is in-house is that it is easier to Tailor the correct solution for the costumer. We have the ability to change the design if needed along the way to fit the latest demands. Control panels are the foundation of any advanced automation process that the maritime or onshore industry demands for today.

Flexible and efficient service

Our qualified team makes sure that all control panels that leave our facilities are in top shape, correct design and fully functional to the task required. Especially our electrical documentation contributes to this statement. This is why we document all required aspects of the control panel with Caddy++ which secure the success of the finished product.

More than 50 years of experience helps us to process the wishes from our costumers to the finished product

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