The history behind K.J. Elektro A/S

In October 1984, Mr. Kai Langerup Jensen started his one man company “K.J. Teknik” on his private premises in the city Nykøbing Falster. The tasks were sales and service in electronics and automation. The company quickly became popular in the community as this trade was well needed at the time. In 1986, K.J. Teknik was already employing 3 staff members. The positive development continues in sync with an increasing demand for this type of tasks and the private premises were no longer adequate. In 1995 the company had to move to bigger premises and did now have 700m2 under roof in the industrial neighborhood in Nykøbing Falster. To secure the achieved position, Mr. Kai Langerup Jensen acquired in 1998 the well-established electro company “E. Elektro ApS” and all activities were moved to the premises required 3 years ago. The takeover went smoothly and the well known and highly respected Electro mechanic Mr. Bjarne Michelsen followed with the take over. This meant that K.J. Teknik took over a brand new business area, the Electro industry. K.J. Teknik changed the name to K.J. Teknik & Elektro ApS, but shortly after changed it to K.J. Elektro ApS. In the year 2000 K.J. Elektro ApS expand with further 280m2 Warehouse. Staff members are now 10 people. In 2002 all activities moves to the more esteemed A/S (joined stock company) and at the same time a maritime business are purchased and fused together with the existing company that also include a maritime boutique for the leisure community. Name changes to K.J. Elektro A/S
In 2006 it is again necessary to expand with 420m2 warehouse in the backyard of the existing company, and another warehouse is raised next to the other warehouse. Those building were later sold off again. In 2015 Mr. Kai Langerup initiates a change of generation of leader- and ownership. A contract between Mr. Morten Lindberg and Jannich Langerup Lassesen is signed with takeover 5 years later May 1st 2020 all stock is sold solely to Mr. Morten Lindberg along with all buildings and he is from this forward the sole owner of K.J. Elektro A/S. Ever since the vary start in 1984, the company have a solid belief in the meaning of good service. It is still the same perception today. In the future, K.J. Elektro A/S is not only committed to deliver the very best service, we will always improve our skills and our service. The target is to always be the in leading position within green, service of electro-, automation- and in electronics. We offer therefore 24/7 service, or as we call it… 24/7/365. The company costumers are found in Shipping, local industry, entrepreneurs, Electricians, farmers and windmill companies. We do all repairs in our workshop or on site, with departments of Electro, automation and electronics. All employees are trained and with many years of experience in each of their fields of expertise. K.J. Elektro A/S are always ready to prove our role as an attractive business partner on sale, service and repairs.